Feminist Frequency and Angry Asian Man

Last week, we watched a six different types of videos. The names of the videos are :- Angry Asian Man, Disgrasian, Bitch, Feminist Frequency, Illdoctrine, and Racialicious. I choose Feminist Frequency and Angry Asian Man to talk about. The name of the Feminist frequency is ” The Meaning of Feminism. The name of the author is not mention in this video but they tag or call themselves as Reel Girls(Video has 2 girls)  In a Feminist Frequency, what does feminism mean ? When I say I’m feminist people always say,” you don’t look like a feminist but you wear make up, you wear dresses, and you don’t hate men.  It doesn’t matter with the makeup, dressing style, talk, and walk, I like or hate men. But that’s not feminism is all  about. Dictionary.com said, ” The doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men. Sometimes, women has to face many problems by society, and culture. By saying feminist, it doesn’t mean I hate men or I don’t wanna be feminen. It means I believe my  idea should be heard as same as anyone else. It means I like who I am and I proud to be a woman and I want free and safe life. Sometimes, girls feel uncomfortable in the society or in  particular place to go. Today, women are right to do anything whatever they want? They have  better career resources, good job opportunities, safety, and freedom.

The name of this video is ” Feminist Frequency offended by everything”. This video is created by  Rebecca West. She said, ” a Feminism is a radical notion that women are people.” Feminist frequency is offended by everything. No way have a feeling of the world is getting taking over by women.  There are a feminist who keep trash talking about how sexiest movies are? She keeps getting offended by the fact that the men think women are weak. But all we want is to protect  the things we love that’s what a man does? It is a sexiest. Now a days, we can even look at a another woman without pissing under off. This entire video is talking about feminism or females about their rights, their structure during daily life.Feminists see the media as a male dominated industry with only 20% of
women in top positions in 95 – 96.  Feminism is the idea of equality of the sexes, giving an equality of rights and position in society. Feminists believe that the subordination of women runs through all areas of society.

The name of this video is ” Angry Asian Man”. The name of the author is Fil Yu . In this video he talked about a behavior of asian people. A behavior of an asian girl was very angry. She used bad words to her teacher with an anger.  Her behavior was disliked by her teacher,  parents, and students in her new class because she was born in US culture that effect her thinking, notion, and also talking style. But in reality, asian people are very shy. They don’t get angry easily. But from out of their country, they changed themselves into according to that environment such as :- use alot slang or bad words like fuck and slut, giving another person a bad signs with hands and their temper is sometimes dis-likable by people and also by their home country people.   The writer of an Angry Asian Man is a Asian guy. He said, ” Mostly people thinks people are quiet, shy, and not standing up.” He uses blogs for Angry Asian Man which is very popular and likable.  Asians are also like by other people because of their behavior. They are good in arts, brilliant in studies, have big ideas, fast, good in sports, in cooking, health care, respective, represents their culture by many ways, not much talkative, and do things with patience. Both videos gave me a lot of knowledge and good information about their main topics which made me think about these types of topics.


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